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High-Value Real Estate Investments in Germany

We focus on Residential Properties

German Apartment Properties AG is an owner-managed investment company focusing on residential properties. Our core competency is to find and provide properties for development. Our objects comply with the strictest requirements – technically, energetically, and in terms of rights of use.  Our experts are perfectly familiar with the characteristics of their home regions and towns. They know best where to invest. GAP AG makes sure your investment is sustainable and creates long lasting values. For you, your business environment – and for the next generation.  

Secure Assets for Conservative Investors

German Apartment Properties AG serves private, institutional and semi-institutional investors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland taking a conservative investment approach. We develop investment sustainable investment solutions for their investment strategies. Value-oriented, sustainable, and crisis-proof.

How we put Value into your Assets

GAP - German Apartment Properties


Customers first! You define your investment goals, we present tailor-made solutions: The perfect object providing respective development opportunities and appreciation potential in the given investment period. After fixing a strategy our regional experts analyze the market to find suitable objects to meet your investment goals best.


You can rely on our experts in real estate, property management and development. We know our local markets. Born and raised in the region our expertise and grown network helps us to serve your needs. Our subsidiaries are also active in the field of „Green“ Real Estate development to support sustainable values.

GAP - German Apartment Properties
GAP - German Apartment Properties


German Apartment Properties AG is an owner-managed company. Our clients feel the difference: We take action, we take responsibility and we take care for your business. From an entrepreneur’s perspective. Value-driven. Straight forward. Hands on. Our clients profit from our grown network, strong partnerships, and international connections we use to make it happen – for the sake of our customers.

Communication and Control

Efficient communication and control measurements are very important to us. They deliver deep understanding and give important feedback. So our investors receive regular market development reportings that deliver insight to their properties’ value and profitability. Furthermore, periodic financial reportings provide an overview about their assets. Our reporting system also guides you in terms of Exit-Strategy by helping you to find best timing for maximum price exits.

GAP - German Apartment Properties
GAP - German Apartment Properties

Quality pays off

Upscale residential properties in German top cities rank among the most desired investments. Investors love to put their money into „Beton Gold“ because of the evident advantages: value preservation, value appreciation, inflation protection. Our portfolio offers “evergreens” for example apartment buildings providing top conditions considering architecture, construction, materials, technical and cosmetics aspects. Well maintained, they provide long-lasting sustainability. For the wealth of generations.

Our Services

Save assets for conservative Investors

German Apartment Properties AG serves private investors as well as institutional  and semi-institutional investors in several regions and countries:  DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Israel, China, Russia, UK, USA and UAE. For them we find best solutions for their conservative investment approach.  We develop investment strategies, find suitable assets to invest, and take care they meet their goals perfectly.

We sell real estate properties

German Apartment Properties AG helps clients to sell their properties at maximum price. Because of our grown network within the real estate world, we are eager to find potential buyers, do the background check in terms of integrity and solvency so we can select the perfect one for you. Fast. Efficient. Discrete. We also provide overall administrative services from viewing appointment to notary.


Our clients entrust us with their assets. Our aim is not just to grow them, but to create real values. For their companies, for their families, for generations. We believe in team spirit. We invest a lot of time and energy to understand the personality, motivation and character behind every investment. – The precondition of finding the right property in the right region that is able to develop not only valuable worth, but an intrinsic value to client.


Jörn Härtel

Chairman of the Board

Katja Weiss

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Claus-Jürgen Häfner

Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Dr. Manfred Schumann

Member of the Supervisory Board


German Apartment Properties AG offers attractive residential property investments, and develops tailor-made investment strategies. Our top priority is discretion. Please contact us for recent references.


German Apartment Properties AG is a real estate investment company based in Frankfurt / Main. We are always open for real estate and investment professionals and talents who are interested in working with a dynamic, highly motivated, and successful team. We are looking forward for your application.

GAP - German Apartment Properties

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